Unit Training

The Recruit Basic Training Course is approximately 145 hours over five to six months in duration. The course typically starts in early December and ends in late April. Classes are held one weeknight each week and one to two Saturdays a month. Because of holidays and cancellation of classes due to weather, several weeks may have two weeknight class sessions.

Subjects are a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. Classes are taught by Regular Deputies, Reserve Deputies, Law Enforcement Officers of other Police Departments and members of the State's Attorney Office. Cooperation and teamwork are also strongly emphasized and critiqued during the course.

Refresher Training are subjects that require periodic retraining or re-certification. It includes changes in laws, rules and regulations, OC Spray re-certification, baton re-certification, Hazardous Materials First Responder training and other subjects. Not all subjects are repeated every year. However, some may be covered more than once in a calendar year.